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The Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes of 2018

Getting a bit of exercise is always a good idea, so if you are looking for some of the best exercise bikes, good for you. That’s already half the battle. Exercise bikes have come a long way and incorporating technology makes them all much better and way more fun.

The beauty of an exercise bike is that you can use it anytime you like, anywhere you choose and you are not dampened by the weather.

It’s the perfect cardio workout, and the best part is it’s perfect for those who don’t like to go to the gym. You can get a great workout and stay in the comfort of your own home.

There are certainly plenty of bikes available on the market and many different types of exercise bikes. It can get overwhelming, so let’s take a look at the ten best exercise bikes.

Best Exercise Bikes Under $200

1. Ultrasport F-bike Trainer: This compact yet sturdy bike is perfect for those with limited space. Perfect for beginners, with eight levels of resistance, and it folds up for easy storage. Perfect for those who like to workout every day, but can’t, this bike will allow a decent ride between heavier workouts.

2. York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle: Sensors in the handlebars can monitor your heart rate, the large comfortable seat will allow for longer workouts and the York is built to withstand it. One of the best exercise bikes for the price.

3. JLL Home Exercise Bike JF100: Great price on a great bike, this upright bike offers a smooth quiet ride, good solid frame and 10 levels of magnetic resistance. LCD monitor for time, distance traveled, speed and calories burned.

4. V-fit G-RC: The recumbent bike is one of the best exercise bikes. Built to last and for comfort, this bike allows you to exercise longer without discomfort. Magnetic resistance gives the best for simulating uphill workout and provides a smooth, quiet ride. Has a monitor with seven functions and straps on oversized pedals for safety.

5. Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Bike: Eight resistant levels, this sturdy bike is perfect for beginners and advanced riders. Magnetic resistance for smooth and quiet workouts, it’s light enough to move around. Adjustable seat and handlebars, and dual break action for sudden stops. Digital monitor for heart rate, calories burned, distance and speed.

Best Exercise Bikes for Over $200

6. Wattbike: This bike is top of the line, don’t be surprised if you see it in your gym class. Available in Trainer and Pro versions, and the technical abilities are impressive. Designed to mimic the reality of riding outdoors, you can track a lot of your data to keep track and use to improve your ride and your workout results.

7. JTX Cyclo 6: Here is another bike that is used for commercial spinning classes and it comes as no surprise. High-end quality, adjustable for comfort, easy to read monitor for speed, distance, time and more. Belt-driven resistance allows endless increments to achieve the ultimate workout.

8. The Schwinn AC Performance Plus: The name Schwinn and bikes have gone hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember. Known for durability, reliability, longevity, and style.

This is one of the best exercise bikes. The aluminum frame is sturdy, yet light and provides rust-free along with a magnetic system for low maintenance and friction free. Belt-drive using Carbon Blue technology, which really means you can adjust the resistance on the flywheel to get a ride that feels like you are actually outside.

The handlebars have a 12-inch range of adjustment. It requires very little maintenance other than cleaning and it can fold up for easy storage.

9. Nordic Track R110: Another trusted name in exercise equipment, this bike has a large comfortable seat with ventilation in the back, a built-in fan for cooling and plenty of electronic features. Track your heart rate, distance and time plus follow your progress with a built-in map.

10. We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle: This is another one of the best exercise bikes available. Built to take a proper workout, it features a chain-resistance system, a monitor to track your workout progress and provides a smooth ride. Adjustable for comfort an easy to move around.

Buyer’s Guide

A few things to keep in mind when looking for an exercise bike. The best exercise bike for you is what you are looking for.

Cost: don’t buy the most expensive one or the shiniest one because you think it’s going to be better. it is better to plan to budget and stick to it.

Fitness level: If you are a beginner, you don’t need to get the professional level of bike. You are better off to take a few classes at the local fitness centre and see if you like it. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for a clothes rack.

Space: Keep in mind the space you have for the bike and make sure it will not be too cumbersome in your home. Also, check to see if the bike can be collapsed or easily taken apart for storage if your space is limited. You don’t want to have to climb over it every time you cross the room.

Features: If you need to track all of your statistics each time you workout, then make sure the bike monitor has them. But remember to add to the cost of the bike, so if you only need it to work out, you can look at bikes with less bling.

If you live in an apartment or share your living space, make sure the bike isn’t too noisy that it will cause problems to others.

Pedal Power

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of options out there for exercise bikes, you want to find the best one for you.

Ask at the gym, ask at the store, join a forum, and try a few out. You need to know if the bike will be comfortable and something you want to keep using.

Shop around, kick a few tires, and find the best exercise bike to suit you and your family.

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