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The Best Fitness Equipment for 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about those new year’s resolutions. Every year, one of those resolutions is to get in shape. If you intend to kick off the new year with a fitter you, you’ll need some great fitness equipment to help you along the way. Take a look at the best fitness equipment for 2018, which includes all the basics for getting you in shape!

  • Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill
  • Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym
  • Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine
  • Bluefin Pro Fitness Plate
  • DKN AM-E Exercise Bike
  • Outslayer Muay Punching Bag

Best Fitness Equipment for 2018 Reviewed

These are our top picks for the best fitness equipment for 2018. We’ve include the best treadmill, cross trainer, home gym, rowing machine, vibration plate, exercise bike and boxing equipment so can get started on creating a great home gym.

Best Treadmill

Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

This treadmill came out on top due to the high number of technical features it comes with. There are 12 pre-set programs which offer a varied workout. It also has an LED display which shows your speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories.

There are three incline levels to choose from and these range from comfortable to intermediate difficulty. It’s also a treadmill that experienced runners and those just starting out a fitness journey.

Best Cross Trainer

Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Our top pick for the best cross trainer for 2018 is the Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer which has a sleek look and great features. The modern, black design is complemented by red highlights which wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary home.

In terms of the performance, the Sina comes out on top due to the 32 impressive resistance levels which suits both athletes and beginners. Although quite heavy, the technical features and stylish design make this a great piece of fitness equipment for home use.

Best Home Gym 

Mary Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym and Bench

This home gym offers a full body workout and can perform some great lower and upper body exercises with weights ranging up to 220kg. It’s a large home gym which requires a lot of space, but if you have the room, it will provide some extensive workouts.

Simply pivot the bench to the side and you can create more workout space for squats, rows, shrugs, triceps push downs, shoulder press, bicep curls and more. It is suited to users that are 182 cm tall or less, but still manageable if taller than this. If you’re looking to increase muscle tone, the Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym is a great choice.

Best Rowing Machine

Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine 

The Infiniti R100 by Bodymax is a pro level rowing machine which offers users a great workout at home. The strong build and ergonomic design means this rowing machine is placed in the more expensive price bracket. However, if cost is not a huge concern, you’ll discover some great features on this machine.

It comes with 42 exercise programs, including four pulse controlled programs and one race program. The strong frame can support up to 150 kg and is suitable for taller people with a full stroke range.

Best Vibration Plate

Bluefin Pro Fitness Plate  

The vibration plate has a huge 3900w motor which makes it smoother and quieter than previous models. You also get to choose from 180 different intensity levels and five preset exercise programs. The control panel makes operating the vibration plate easy and it is also supplied with a hand rail and elasticated hand grips

Best Exercise Bike 

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike 

This exercise bike has a range of features which make it a top exercise pick for 2018. With the DKN AM-E, you get to choose between 32 different tension levels and 12 preset biking programs. The monitor displays time, distance, pulse rate, RPM, speed and calories burned.

The sleek design wouldn’t look out of place in any modern home or gym. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and challenging workout, the DKN AM-E is an great choice.

Best Boxing Equipment 

Outslayer Muay Punching Bag 

The Outslayer Muay Punching bag has a heavy duty construction which is perfect for working out on regularly. The strong vinyl punching bag is easy to clean and filled with compressed fabric rather than sand. This unique feature means you won’t have to deal with empty spots and it also prevents settling.

While it comes with a heavy price tag, the punching bag more than makes up for it with its sturdy design. It’s 130 pounds which is great for MMA or Muay Thai fighters looking for a reliable punching bag to exercise with. It also comes with a ten year warranty so you needn’t worry about it breaking from too much use.