Proform 520 ZN Treadmill Review

If you’re looking for a treadmill that’s sleek and easy-to-store after use, then the Proform 520 ZN is the right model for you. It’s easy-to-store and it brings you comfort while you try your best to stay fit. This treadmill also includes some innovative features that might actually step up your workout routine. The Proform 520 ZN Treadmill is also very easy to control because it has both automatic and manual keys to make sure you keep up with your own pace. It could be a great household item for yourself and the whole family which you can set up anywhere, such as inside your home or even outside! Whether you’re an athlete or just someone who wants to be fit without having the need to visit and pay for the gym, this treadmill is a wise investment for you.

How we rated Proform 520 ZN Treadmill

Performance Speed Storage Design Technology Price
4/5 5/5 5/5 4/5 3/5 4/5


  • Durable steel frame
  • Space saving design; foldable frame
  • Strong deck, having the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs;
  • Automatic incline and speed controls
  • 2.5 CHP Mach Z Motor that accelerates to a maximum of 10 MPH
  • 18 workout apps
  • Smooth and quiet during operation

Key Features

If you have a lot of tasks to deal with everyday, you may have probably overlooked how much exercise is important in keeping our bodies healthy. ProForm are a company that have been making fitness accessible for those who can’t regularly go to the gym. They have been around for over 30 years which means you’re guaranteed quality products that are both affordable and effective.

This specific model is one of Proforms foldable treadmills which is both easy to store and easy to assemble. The ProForm 520 ZN stands out from other treadmills because of its innovative functions and well-designed steel frame. Aside from that, its ProShox Cushioning system makes running and walking more comfortable compared to other treadmills in a similar price range. It also monitors your heart rate to help keep you aware of how your body is coping during your workout. According to most reviews, ProForm treadmills rarely get broken, and if they do, you’re covered with a lifetime frame warranty, 25-year on motor, and 1 year on parts and labor, meaning you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Product Review


Proform 520 ZN highlights a space saver design which can be folded and stored away so that you can enjoy all the space in your room. It includes a 2.5 CHP Mach Z Motor, which could be used by anyone weighing up to 300 lbs. Its frame is made of steel and it features the ProShox Cushioning system which alleviates joint impact when running or walking, therefore making it more comfortable for the user. This model is furnished with 1.9″ Precision-Machined and balances non-flex rear rollers that decreases noise and friction during movement.


The Proform 520 ZN treadmill includes Quick Incline Control which is an automatic inclination system up to a maximum of 10%. With its QuickSpeed Control, you can adjust the speed of this model from 1- 10 mph depending on your desired pace. However, the up and down keys are still available on the console if you want to manually change these settings. When you feel like you need some air, you can turn on its built-in CoolAire workout fan to help cool you down or if you wish to feel a little breeze simulation. It’s loaded with a wide range of features to step up your workout routine.


It has a large backlit display where you can clearly read the digits on the screen which includes the time, settings, heart rate and more. You’ll also have fun while sweating out with this treadmill because it has a compatible music port for an iPod allowing you to play your favorite workout playlist. This treadmill also has 18 Workout Apps which you can choose from depending on your fitness goal.


The ProForm 520 ZN Treadmill is worth investing in and will help you stay fit without the need to get on your training clothes and drive to the gym should you decide to purchase one for home use. Unlike other treadmills, this model offers more innovative technologies still at an affordable cost.

How does it compare?

Ziema G10 Folding Treadmill

Ziema G10 Folding Treadmill is an affordable treadmill that may be a good choice for beginners. It includes a USB port that will keep you motivated and entertained during your workout. This treadmill also includes 8 personal trainer workouts which is considerably less when compared to ProForm 520 ZN’s 18 workout apps. The screen of this treadmill is LCD which means it has clearer display compared to the ProForm 520 ZN. This treadmill has a wider speed range of up to 10.5 mph, compared to the ProForm 520 ZN which can only accelerate from 0-10 mph. This model might be a better option for those who are capable of running up to its maximum speed. However, you may be concerned about the labels on the console of this model because they are written in Chinese characters. We have yet to find out if they have available stock with English labels on them to help make the treadmill more avaliable to a wider audience.

Ziema manufactures other equipment and products aside from treadmills which are sold at reasonable price points.

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Reebok Jet 100 Folding Treadmill

Reebok is a well-known brand that produces not only workout equipment but footwear and apparel also. The Reebok Jet 100 folding treadmill belongs in Reebok’s Jet series, it utilises the air motion technology in its cushion, which ensures smooth landing and eliminates harsh effects on the joints. With its integrated transport wheels, the Reebok Jet 100 Folding Treadmill made storing the treadmill easier than storing the ProForm 520 ZN Treadmill. It is also more convenient to get this treadmill to places around the house without exerting too much effort. It’s useful for those who don’t want to seek help from others when assembling and keeping the item in storage. It has 12 levels of inclination while the ProForm 520 ZN only has 10, it’s great for those who want to challenge themselves. It has a more modern design that features red linings as compared to the ProForm 520 ZN which is plain as far as the design is concerned.

With the prices of the two models compared, Reebok Jet 100 Folding Treadmill is more affordable and its price is reasonable considering its features. It comes with 24 workout programs, which is almost double the number of those seen in the ProForm 520 ZN Treadmill. The Reebok Jet 100 Folding Treadmill also has a 3.5 LCD display which clearly displays the digits as well as including an MP3 compatible port which can also provide motivation similar to the ProForm 500 ZN.

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Ancheer S6200 Folding Electric Treadmill

This treadmill is packed with innovative features that are perfect for those who are tech-savvy runners. The Ancheer S6200 Folding Electric Treadmill has a built-in colored and Smart touch 10.1 inch screen that can be connected to the WiFi so you can watch online HD videos whilst being fit! And because of its smart touch display, even the buttons and accelerator keys are controlled with just a press on the screen. This gives the user a greater experience which will make it easier to adjust to their desired pace whilst still being entertained. However, the only thing that lacks with this treadmill is that it has no inclination levels so it’s a fair choice for those who are not interested for more intense training.

Just like the ProForm 520 ZN, this treadmill works with minimal noise and claims that it consumes less power. It also has integrated rolling wheels for easier transport and storage when not in use. It should also be noted that the Ancheer S6200 Folding Electric Treadmill should be use gently and carefully since it has a Smart touch screen that is fragile and sensitive.

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IUBU Fitness Folding Treadmill

This treadmill has its own take on technology and it will step up your working out game. It boasts a rotatable 10.1 inch touch screen that can play HD videos with better quality than an LCD screen. It uses TFT technology which enhances the quality of images and videos displayed. It provides a more entertaining experience while you workout which could make you feel motivated.

Whilst running, you’re secured with its anti slip and wide running platform to make sure you can exercise smoothly without any sudden stops. Similar to the ProFrom 520 ZN, the treadmill also has a range of built-in custom programs you can choose from based on your fitness level. This treadmill takes exercising to a whole new level where full entertainment is provided whilst staying fit at the same time.

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Although the ProForm 520 ZN doesn’t utilise as many features when compared to the other models, it is no doubt that this treadmill is easy to use and is in the middle of a conventional and innovative type. It’s durable, easy to assemble, and most especially, it’s foldable which lets you save space for playtime with your kids and the family. Regardless what your fitness goals are, this treadmill will surely fit into your standards and is proven by reviewers to last a long time.

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