Techfit Folding Exercise Bike Review

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike Review

The Techfit Folding Exercise Bike can work for any fitness level, and it’s currently a bestseller on Amazon. Building your home gym means you don’t have to worry about the unpredictable level outdoors. Even if you’re a first-timer when it comes to exercise bikes, you won’t have a hard time with this one because it’s relatively simple to use. Plus, it’s noise free, so you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbours around.

If you’re interested in the Techfit Folding Exercise Bike, you better keep reading because I have made a detailed review of this equipment.

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike Detailed Review

Performance Storage Design Technology Price
4/5 4/5 5/5 3/5 4/5

Pros and Cons


✔ Sturdy and compact
✔ Comfortable to use
✔ Noise-free
✔ Effortless storage


– Resistance levels may not be challenging enough for advanced users

Pros and Cons Discussed

✔ Sturdy and compact

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike

The Techfit Folding Exercise Bike is very compact, and it only weighs less than 18kg. This might give you an impression that it’s not reliable, but it is. With a maximum user weight of 100kg, this exercise bike is sturdy, and it’s safe to ride on. It has a flywheel with a weight equivalent to 6kg which ensures a stable and comfortable pedalling. This exercise bike also features eight magnetic resistance levels that help you strengthen your lower muscles and burn more calories.

✔ Comfortable to use

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike

An uncomfortable ride will lead to an ineffective workout. Luckily, the Techfit Folding Exercise Bike has a big and soft saddle that can be adjusted depending on your height. Its paddle also has adjustable straps so your feet can stay place no matter how intense your workout gets. With integrated pulse sensors, you’ll be able to keep track of your heart rate on the LCD computer. Aside from that, you can also monitor your distance, calories, time, and speed.

✔ Noise-free

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are usually noisy that’s why some people would prefer buying other types of fitness machines. However, the Techfit Folding Exercise Bike guarantees a noiseless operation so you can workout anytime even if you’re living on the upper floor the apartment. For you, that means you can freely watch a movie or listen to music without hearing any disturbing noise from the exercise bike. It won’t only give you peace of mind, but the noiseless equipment will also help you workout for longer as you can entertain yourself while moving.

✔ Effortless storage

Techfit Folding Exercise Bike

Besides the fact that the Techfit Folding Exercise Bike won’t take up too much space inside your house, it’s also foldable so you can keep it out of sight quickly. Even though it’s lightweight, some people still won’t be able to carry the equipment, especially seniors. When no one is there to help, you can just drag the exercise bike because it has built-in wheels for easier storage. Assembling the equipment is also easy even if you’re not good at putting things together.

The downside

Since the Techfit Folding Exercise Bike only features a flywheel weight of 6kg, it’s most suitable for beginners and those who want a gentle workout. Advanced users may feel like it’s too light for them and not challenging. Still, this entry-level exercise bike makes an excellent choice as it gives you more than what is expected from its budget-friendly price point.

Similar Exercise Bikes

JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike

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  • LCD Monitor: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories,...
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Last update on 2020-05-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

An equally affordable yet packed with a lot of features is the JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike. It has has a 4kg two-way flywheel which allows you to pedal even backwards and its maximum user weight is 100kg. Taller users will find comfort in using this exercise bike because it has adjustable handlebars that can rotate up to 360-degrees and 7-level adjustable seat height. The JF100 is ideal both for beginners to intermediate cyclists with ten levels of magnetic resistance that will challenge and engage users from different fitness levels

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Olympic 2000 FIT4HOME Exercise Bike

Olympic 2000 Compact Exercise Bike, Red
  • On-board Digital Computer Monitor with the...
  • Smooth quite motion, non skid foot pedals with...
  • 2.5Kg Fly Wheel, 8 step Adjustable Resistance...
  • Adjustable Handle Bars with Embedded Pulse Sensors
  • Hassle Free Super Fast and Easy Set-Up

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The Olympic 2000 FIT4HOME Exercise Bike is another entry-level exercise bike that is sought after a lot of customers. It’s obviously more affordable than other models, but its features can be compared to that of the more expensive ones. It has a 2.5kg flywheel and eight resistance levels for a more challenging workout. This budget-friendly exercise bike also features integrated pulse sensors and non-skid foot pedals with safety straps. It also boasts one of the most adjustable seats on the market with a 4-way adjust and an extra-padding so you can workout longer.

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Skandika X-1000 Foldaway Exercise Bike

skandika Foldaway X-1000 Plus Fitness Bike...
  • Hand pulse sensors & magnetic resistance system
  • 8-level manually adjustable resistance to tailor...
  • Wide, padded seat & transport wheels for comfort...
  • Battery powered LCD computer. Functions: Speed,...
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kgs

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The Skandika X-1000 Foldaway Exercise Bike Review is quite more expensive than other exercise bikes, but it’s a smart investment if you have the money. Its durable construction may be the reason why it’s offered at a higher price range, as it can hold users with a weight of up to 110kg. This exercise bike is guaranteed to be of excellent quality because it’s certified with German standards so it can last you a lifetime. It’s also available with a backrest for those who might need one, and it comes in four different colours.

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Ultrasport F-Bike

Ultrasport F-Bike, Bicycle Trainer, Home Trainer,...
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With the wide selection of exercise bikes on the market, the Ultrasport F-Bike remains on top of the game. It doesn’t offer a lot, but the durable quality and the simplicity is what makes it very appealing to customers. The maximum user weight of this exercise bike is 100kg but has a more durable version, the Ultrasport F-Bike Heavy which can hold up 130kg. This model comes with hand pulse sensors, and it’s easily foldable. It doesn’t have transport wheels but because it’s very light, you won’t even need help in carrying the equipment.

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The Techfit Folding Exercise Bike is just the right equipment to get started with your fitness routine. It can be used at any time of the day because it’s noise-free so even your family won’t be disturbed. This fitness machine is also suitable for any users of any age because it provides a gentle yet efficient workout. And, it’s affordable so it won’t hurt your savings.

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