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A Guide to the Best At-Home Boxing Workouts

Boxing is a total body workout that inspires us to push for optimum physical and mental health. With evidence of boxing stretching back as far as 1500 BC, it’s clear that we’ve always been fascinated by the sport.

Boxing has grown and shifted as a sport and, today, we’re lucky enough to have the means to box in our own home!

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We’ve compiled a list of the best boxing workouts you can do at home. Before we dive into those workouts, let’s dive a little deeper into what boxing really is and how to make sure your form is correct.

Boxing 101

We’re all familiar with famous boxers like Muhammad Ali and fictional heroes like Rocky Balboa. What makes boxing so popular is that it’s very accessible. Most people can box, train, and grow in the sport.

Successful boxing workouts engage your entire body. If you’re just beginning, you will undoubtedly be sore in places you’ve never been sore before. That’s because boxing engages everything, including your mind.

Boxing is very good for mental health. Not only will you feel more confident, but the focus associated with boxing is good for your brain.

Moat boxing workouts begin in front of a punching bag, speed bag, double end bag, or you can choose not to use a bag.

The correct form is slightly skewed, with your side to the bag. Your non-dominant foot forward, hands to your face. Remember, to always hold your fists up to protect your face. After every punch, your fist should snap back to protect yourself every time.

Punching requires your entire body, not just your arms. When you punch, you should always turn your entire body into it. If you’re just beginning, you may naturally stay firm, feet flat on the ground. Resist this urge and think “light feet”.

Staying on the balls of your feet help you move around the bag quicker. When you’re just beginning, you will undoubtedly suffer from slow foot movements but as you progress, you’ll find that you’re able to quickly move around the bag to punch, duck, or pull back.

The main punches in boxing are:

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut

A jab is a quick punch with your non-dominant hand, the hand closest to the bag. A cross is done with your dominant hand and your entire body twists with the movement. Hooks are also full-body punches with the real power coming from your hips. Twist your body and punch the side of the bag with your elbow out. Finally, an uppercut is an upwards punch.

All of your punches should be short, but jabs should be long.

Think of the bag as a person. A jab helps you keep your distance, but more powerful punches are done close to the body.

Watch this video to see how to punch correctly.

Helpful Tips

  • Punch light, stay in form, and make every punch
  • Push yourself to sweat and burn, but be careful not to over-train
  • Stay hydrated

Once you have the best boxing equipment of 2018, a bottle of water, and energy, try these boxing workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Working Out with a Punching Bag

Once you have your own personal punching bag set up correctly. You can start your very own fight club!

Boxing with a punching bag is a great workout that you can perform at your own discretion. Make an invigorating playlist, move around the bag, and create your own routine.

To help you begin, we’ve put together a simple boxing routine to get you started.

To begin, perform 20 straight punches to warm you up. Once you’ve hit 20, perform five left hooks and repeat with five right hooks. End with ten uppercuts, alternating hands.

Make the most of the bag by focusing on your legs too. Kick the lower half of the bag, keeping your hands up and protecting your face, five times with your right leg, followed by the left leg.

Repeat five high kicks with the right leg, followed by five high kicks with the left leg.

Finally, drive one knee up into the bag in a knee-strike for five times, before repeating with the other leg.

Stay inspired with a workout calendar and keep track of your progress!

Working Out with a Speed or Double End Bag

Punching bags aren’t the only way to box at home. Speed bags or double end bags may be smaller but they each come with their own advantages.

Speed bags are fun, fast, and garner great results. Improve your hand-eye coordination, increase your endurance, refine your timing, and of course, speed it up!

Once your speed bag is inflated, punch the bag hard and count the number of times it hits your backboard. If it’s three, try to continue to get three rebounds. Start by hitting the bag ten times with each arm and count your rebounds.

Double end bags are just as fun! Once you’re all set up, build a routine and move around the routine.

We recommend creating combos that work for you and your goals.


Don’t have equipment with you? Don’t fear, shadowboxing is here!

Make sure that you have a large space where you can move around. While you may not have a bag, it’s important to keep your body moving as if you’re fighting an opponent. Keep in mind that boxing is a sport based on movement and fluidity.

If you have a spacious room with a large mirror that’s even better. Shadowboxing is imagining an opponent. With a mirror, you can use your reflection to aim your punches and keep an eye on your form.

Build a routine like you would if you were fighting an opponent or opposite a punching bag. This is an opportunity to correct sloppy form and pay close attention to your footwork.

Move around the room and use the entire space in your “fight”.

Don’t just focus on the offensive, practice your defense too. In between your punches, include blocking and parrying.

Break your workout up into rounds. If you’re just starting out, try to 5 rounds at 2 minutes with short breaks in between, no longer than 2 minutes.

A little more experienced? Increase the number of rounds and make them each 3 minutes.

Looking for More Boxing Workouts?

Inspired and ready for more? Check out our helpful boxing guide that’s full of the best tips and tricks to make every punch count.

Expand your fitness routine to include more than just boxing. A well-rounded routine contains healthy meals, cardio, and running never hurts! Thankfully, Simply Fitness Equipment has everything you need to get started.

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