Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill Review

Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill Review

Treadmills are a great investment if you want to escape the hassle of going to the gym. The Hi-Performance New Motorised Electric Treadmill is among the cheapest treadmills on the market today. With basic treadmills like this one, you don’t get a lot of advanced features, but you will end up with a fitness machine that serves its purpose. This treadmill is budget-friendly and durable. Therefore it gives you the value for your money, plus it has over 100 positive reviews and four stars on Amazon UK.

But, is it the right treadmill for you? Keep on reading to find out!

Hi-Performance New Motorised Electric Treadmill Detailed Review

Hi-Performance New Motorised Electric 10km...
  • Solid Construction, Folds Away For Really Easy...
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 3 Programme Modes, Adjustable Manual Incline
  • 1km To 10km/h Top Speed, Calorie Count,...
  • Emergency Stop Cord For Your Safety

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Performance Storage Design Technology Price
3/5 5/5 4/5 3/5 5/5

Pros and Cons


✔ Durable frame
✔ Manually adjustable incline levels
✔ LCD display
✔ Space-saving design


– Narrow running surface
– Not suitable for tall users

Pros and Cons Discussed

✔ Durable frame

Basic treadmills don’t offer many features, so they should at least be durable. The Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill claims that it’s made of high-quality materials which make it solid and durable. Although it doesn’t look that sturdy, it can hold users of up to 100 kg, which is good enough for a low-priced treadmill. This treadmill also has a quiet 1.0HP motor, so you or your family members can still watch TV while you exercise in your living room.

✔ Manually adjustable incline levels

Walking or running on inclined surfaces can burn more calories than doing it on flat ground. This treadmill offers three manually adjusted incline levels to add intensity to your workout and help you shed off body fat faster. You can use these incline levels along with gradually increasing your speed until you get used to your routine. The Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill has a top speed of 10 km/h which won’t challenge athletes but will provide a great start for novice users.

✔ LCD display

Keeping track of your progress is essential if you want to attain your goals, whether it’s for muscle building, losing weight or maintaining your health. This particular model has an LCD display that shows your calorie count, speedometer, time and distance. There are three programme modes to choose from, which you can start from if you’re not yet sure about your own pace. When you get used to the machine, you can eventually manually adjust the speed from 1km/h to a maximum of 10 km/h. The console also comes with a magnetic emergency stop cord that you can peg onto your clothes so that it will automatically stop the machine in case of emergency.

✔Space-saving design

The Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill is a compact treadmill that can fit even the most limited spaces. When assembled, it measures approximately 135cm in length, 64cm in width and 127cm high. But since it’s foldable, you can hide it in a storage room or even under your bed as it only measures 59cm in length, 127 cm in height and 64 cm in width when folded.


If your height is over 6 ft, you won’t be able to fully optimise this treadmill because of its narrow running surface that only measures 101cm x 34cm. Despite this, it can still provide a great cardio exercise for beginners and for those who want to maintain good health without getting out of the house or waiting to use the equipment in the gym. The Hi-Performance Electric Treadmill is a gentle fitness machine that will give you an adequate amount of exercise without pushing you past your limits. However, if you’re seeking to get an intense workout with fast-paced running and higher inclination levels, this wouldn’t be suitable for you.

Similar Treadmills

Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill

Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Electric Motorised...
  • 12 built-in fitness programmes
  • Range of speeds: 1-10km/h
  • Four quick-select pre-set speeds: 3km/h, 5km/h,...
  • LED display shows: speed, distance, time, calories
  • Adjustable manual incline: 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees,...

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This treadmill is offered at an equally affordable price yet it still has excellent features to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill has a wide selection of built-in fitness programs and a top speed of 10 km/h. It’s a pretty sturdy entry-level treadmill with a 120 kg maximum user weight and it also has three levels of adjustable manual incline. However, just like most basic treadmills, it has a small running space that only measures 36 cm across and 100 cm long. But with 12 built-in fitness programmes and a durable frame, this treadmill can give you a good value for your money.

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Finether Folding Treadmill

Finether Running Machines Electric Motorized...
  • ※MADE TO LAST: constructed with a low noise 600W...
  • ※3 LEVEL MANUAL INCLINE: the workout surface’s...

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Another entry-level running machine is this Finether Folding Treadmill. It has a 100 kg maximum user weight, and a low-noise 600W motor drives it – so you can work out anytime without disturbing your neighbours or family members. This treadmill also provides comfort with every stride as it has four layers on its running belt: a wear-resistant layer, shock absorption layer, high elastic layer and a durable support layer. It also has three adjustable incline levels from 1.5 degrees, 0.3 degrees to 2.1 degrees.

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Sportstech F10 Treadmill

Sportstech F10 treadmill with Smartphone App...
  • SILENT: Less-noise and durable 1HP DC motor (under...
  • SMART: LCD display with blue backlight and...
  • HIGH-TECH AND INDIVIDUALITY: 5-layer specially...
  • COMPACT AVAILABLE: Treadmill easily folded up...

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The Sportstech F10 Treadmill is an exciting fitness machine because it has advanced features yet it can still fit any budget. It’s a smartphone app compatible piece of equipment which means you can control it using your smartphone or tablet. With an app called “iFitShow”, you can save all your fitness data on your device and review them anywhere you go. Aside from that, the running deck of the Sportstech F10 Treadmill is integrated with five specially developed high-tech layers to lessen the pressure on your joints whilst walking or jogging. It also has 12 training programmes you can choose from if you’re not yet used to this kind of exercise.

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JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

Reduced Price
JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2022 New...
  • Speed ranges from 0.3 km/h to 16 km/h; Incline...
  • 5-Inch LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance,...
  • 16-point cushion deck absorption system; Foldable...
  • Home use only; 2 years parts and labour, 5 years...
  • ROHS, CE & EN957 Standard Safety Compliant

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While this slightly falls on the mid-range priced treadmills, it’s surely worth some extra cash. JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill is one of the bestselling running machines on the market today because it has a wide selection of features and it has a comfortable running deck. When you buy this treadmill, you get a durable treadmill with a top speed of 16 km/h, 20 levels of incline, 12 running programs and three customisable ones. If that’s not enough, this treadmill also has high powered speakers so you can directly play your favourite workout playlist from the machine. Plus, it has a 16-point cushion deck absorption system that will keep you going because you won’t feel any pain in your joints.

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If you’re sceptical on getting the Hi-Performance New Motorised Electric Treadmill because it doesn’t have all the great features like other treadmills, you should think about the purpose of purchasing this kind of machine in the first place. This basic treadmill provides a gentle yet effective workout that won’t push you too far. It’s a compact fitness machine that can fit in even the most limited spaces and it’s lightweight which makes it easy to store.

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