Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro

Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ is one of the most sought-after treadmills in markets today. This bad boy is so popular, it gets sold out even before a website can label it as one of their recommendations.

We ask:

What are the pros and cons?
Why is it always sold out?

and the most important question…
Is it worth the money?

What people say…

“I am 330lb muscle and athletic. And google put this as the best machine that can handle my weight.” -Mike, 37, a simple dude

“The screen is clear, the machine is very sturdy, it is quiet, what’s not to love?” -Jubilee, 29, journalism student

“See, these are the treadmills we have in our gym. What we like about it is the after sales treatment.” –Eric, 27, gym co-owner

Branx Fitness only opened in 2008 but they already etched their brand name into the fitness scene.

Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' Treadmill Rating

Performance Storage Design Technology Price
4/5 3/5 5/5 4/5 4/5
Branx Fitness Foldable 'Elite Runner Pro' Soft...
  • Now with 'Bluetooth' and The Perfect Running Area:...
  • Foldable treadmill with cushioned 'Dual Shock...
  • Superb 21km/h Max Speed (13mph)
  • 2 years parts and labour, 5 years warranty on...
  • There may be a delivery surcharge on orders to...

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Pros and Cons


✔ Warranty
✔ Big and Sturdy
✔ Design and Technology
✔ Quiet
✔ Multiple Users


– Space
– Low in stock

Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' Treadmill:

Detailed Review

✔ Warranty

Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill Review

The first thing I look at when buying something that I will use for a long time is the warranty. This makes sure my hard earned money does not go to waste. You will surely be thankful that the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill comes with:

1. 2-year warranty for parts and on-site labour.
2. 5-year warranty on motor and frame.

✔ Big and Sturdy

Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill Review

Most treadmills in its price range could only hold around 100 to 120 kgs. For a treadmill that is classified as mid-sized, the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ has a maximum user weight of 160KG/25 stones/350lbs. But to be honest, I don’t the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill as a mid-sized. I also haven’t reviewed a treadmill that has a maximum speed of 23km/h.

Imagine an NFL Nose Tackle sprinting at 23km/h. This perhaps gives you a picture of how sturdy the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ is.

✔ Design and Technology

Not Unique

It claims to have a larger running area of 19 x 56 inches. But by comparison, this dimension falls into the average category.

This treadmill folds upright but not flat. Though not much as a space-saver like it claims to be, it is quite hard to imagine that a fitness machine this hefty and full of features would be compact and space-saving like smaller treadmills.

The console is touch-screen and has music and iPad compatibility for that extra push and entertainment. This is pretty common when compared with other treadmills in its price range. Magnetic safety key installed.

Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill has 19 Preset Workout Programmes. I’ve found treadmills that have over 24 preset programmes. In a way, this can be an advantage because you might not actually need all 24 workout programmes. On the contrary, this is something gym owners look for. A treadmill that has a lot of workout programmes to make sure they cater to gym customers of different fitness needs.


Notice how the handrails are a bit short compared to other treadmills with extending handrails. This gives you a comfortable space to exercise (running to be specific).

It has a 10-Point shock absorbers suspension system. Some treadmills reduce stress on contact by just doubling up on the ply of the belt. But the Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ has a 10-point shock-absorbing system. I’ve yet to confirm this, but I think “10-point shock absorbing mechanism” refers to the point of contact your foot goes through during a stride. If this is the case, then having 5 stress-reducers on each foot definitely reduces stress to your knees and back.

22 levels of automatic incline will allow you to increase intensity whilst running as compared to manual inclines where you need to step down and adjust it. Also, note that most of the treadmills in the same price range as the Elite Runner Pro only have up to 14 levels of incline.

The most distinct feature not only about this treadmill but all Branx Fitness Machines, in particular, is definitely the after sales care you get. They are open as per customer reports and is easily contacted HERE.

Other Treadmills

York Active 110 Treadmill

York Fitness Active 110 Treadmill
  • The York Active 110 Treadmill offers users a sleek...
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate users, the...
  • An elastic cushioned deck, hand pulse sensor and...
  • Maximum user weight of 100kg

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York Active 110 is a treadmill you would want to have if the whole family is going to use it. The speed varies to the point where even American footballers (they’re generally heavy but fast) would be able to use it. It is also highly recommended for beginners and the elderly. Quite easy to assemble and use, you would surely get a treadmill that quite convenient.

This is a good alternative if your allocated budget does not permit Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' Treadmill to be yours.

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JLL S400 Premium Digital Motorised Treadmill

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With a very wide running area, you won’t feel restricted with your movements. On top of that, you’ll never get bored with your workout because you can watch videos or play music through this Bluetooth enables treadmill that comes with integrated speakers.

The JLL S400 is quite similar to Branx Fitness “Elite Runner Pro”. Slight differences make the JLL S400 more of home use while the Branx Fitness “Elite Runner Pro’ is more of a gym material.

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NordicTrack C100 Treadmill

Nordictrack C 100 NETL99814 Treadmill
  • 2.5CHP DurXTM Motor
  • Pulse Grips and Polar Compatible HR Receiver with...
  • FlexSelect Cushioning with 20 Workouts
  • Max User Weight 125kg
  • Max User Weight 125kg

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The NordicTrack C100 Treadmill offers competent features when it comes to treadmills. C100 Treadmill is an excellent choice if you’re planning to build your home gym. This model also has a heavy-duty motor, bright LCD display and a cushioned platform that’s gentle on your joints. The console on the NordicTrack C100 Treadmill is clear and easy to use. With the OneTouch Quick Keys, all included 20 programmes are easy to navigate and select without having to ruin your momentum when running. It’s a very sturdy piece of folding fitness equipment with a 125kg maximum user weight.

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NordicTrack T7.0 Folding Treadmill

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NordicTrack released a newer version of their treadmill, and it now comes with advanced features such as a tablet holder and Bluetooth capability. The NordicTrack T7.0 Folding Treadmill still features a 2.75 CHP drive system, FlexSelect cushioning, 20 km/h top speed, and 0-10% incline levels, much similar to the NordicTrack C100. It also has pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate and utilises a space saver design. One of the unique features of the NordicTrack T7.0 Folding Treadmill is its 1.9 precision machined and balanced non-flex roller, but the highlight of this treadmill is that it’s iFtr Bluetooth Smart enabled. This allows you to try a new workout with every session, automatically track your progress, and even replicate real-life runs with Google Maps. All your data will be shown on the smart and sleek backlit IFIT display. In addition, it also has iPod compatible audio with 2-3 built-in speakers.

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Overall, Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' Treadmill is a treadmill that is a safe choice for…

1. Beginners – easy to assemble, has magnetic safety key, various programs.
2. Intermediate users – a lot of presets. Comes with a free twister.
3. Gyms and fitness centres – Lengthy warranty and after-sales service.

Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' Treadmill is not your average treadmill. I appreciate how this company tries its best to give quality fitness machines with reasonable prices. Thankfully, I have a couple of hundred other customer feedback to back me up. It touches the borderline of the features of the most expensive treadmill on a price range that belongs with mid-class ones.

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