Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper Review

Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper Review

Firstly, not everyone can afford to start getting fit with huge and expensive fitness equipment. However, the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper is a fitness machine that’s easy to use, inexpensive and effective. It’s a small item that’s great for home use as it won’t occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you can use it anywhere, anytime. Although they mostly workout your lower muscles, they still have a lot of health benefits. They can improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, tone muscles and can also burn calories because it’s a cardio workout.

Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper Detailed Review

Ultrasport Swing Stepper, Home Stepper with...
  • Practical home trainer, perfect for training your...
  • Cordless training computer with display of...
  • Hydraulic cylinders ensure a comfortable and even...
  • Oversized, non-slip tread surfaces – robust...
  • TÜV/GS tested fitness device

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Performance Storage Design Technology Price
4/5 5/5 4/5 4/5 5/5

Pros and Cons


✔ Ease of Use
✔ Oversized non-slip tread surfaces
✔ Hydraulic cylinders
✔ Cordless training computer display


– Can be hard to step down on
– Not very sturdy

Pros Discussed

✔ Ease of Use

Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper

Straightaway, with no assembly required, the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper can be used immediately after receiving it. Furthermore, this small equipment is suitable for beginners who want take a step-by-step change in their fitness level. You can start with a slow pace and make your way up until you can use its highest resistance which simulates running up the stairs or the hills. The up and down movements you make when using the stepper helps train your legs, back, and seat muscles while still being gentle on your joints.

✔ Oversized non-slip tread surfaces

Further, a useful stepper must be able to hold the user even during an intense workout. The Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper has large non-slip tread surfaces which ensures that you won’t fall off the equipment despite the level of difficulty. Because there are no handles to keep you balanced, you can lift some weights to work out your upper body simultaneously. Otherwise, you can hold onto tall furniture inside your home. This mini stepper has a maximum user weight of 100kg which is around 220lbs when converted.

✔ Hydraulic cylinders

Thirdly, the hydraulic cylinders integrated into the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper help maintain a comfortable and consistent training session. Reviews say that some fluid is released by the equipment when it’s in use, but the product claims that it’s actually the hydraulic fluid in the dampers which heat up.

✔ Cordless training computer display

Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper

In addition, to keep track of your progress, this mini stepper has an LCD monitor that displays your time, step count per minute, calories burned and scan. The Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper also highlights an integrated training computer that will provide you with an effective training plan.

On a negative note…

Because of the hydraulic cylinders, this mini stepper might be hard to control because of the resistance. Therefore, if you have weak lower muscles or you’re lightweight, you may have a hard time starting with this machine as the hydraulic cylinders will require you to push down harder thereupon challenging you and getting your heart pumping. Also, some reviews say that the product easily breaks after using it for a few times. However, there are still more people who were satisfied with the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper, and they find it helpful in doing a cardio workout.

Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper In Action

Similar Mini-Steppers

MiraFit Aerobic Mini Stepper

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Similarly, this mini stepper has almost the same features as the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper. It has independent hydraulic cylinders on each foot pedal that’s also non-skid. This mini-stepper also features a multifunction LCD display that shows calories, workout time, and other fitness-related information. Further, with a maximum user weight of 100kg, it’s almost exactly the same as the Ultrasport one. However, the only difference I can see between the two models is that this one looks much stable. In addition, the MiraFit Aerobic is constructed of heavy gauge steel and high impact plastic which makes it seem more durable than the other model compared.

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Confidence Twist Stepper

Confidence Twist Stepper with Ropes
  • Ropes allow simultaneous upper and lower body...
  • Vary your workout intensity but seamlessly moving...
  • Durable gym quality steel frame construction,...
  • Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean, Manual included
  • Dimensions: 40.5×35×23.5cm, Weight: 8.5KGS....

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Whereas, with this portable and small stepper you can experience a full body workout. The Confidence Twist Stepper comes with ropes for you to simultaneously work on your upper and lower body, and it can also help in balancing your body on the stepper. Just like the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper, this has hydraulic cylinders, and it also features an LCD monitor that shows time, count, strides per minute, calories and a scan. The product also claims that it’s made of durable gym quality frame construction to ensure a stable workout for users up to a maximum of 100kg.

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Homcom Mini Stepper

HOMCOM Portable Mini Stepper, Exercise Fitness...
  • Made from sturdy steel with 2 non-slip texured...
  • Adjustable tension knob will change pedal height...
  • The visible electronic readout displays step...
  • Two free training ropes for arms training!!!Comes...
  • Comes with a floor mat to protect your floor from...

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While if you want a more intense workout, the Homcom Mini Stepper might be the appropriate one for you. This is because it has an adjustable tension knob that changes the pedal height up to 38cm and the amplitude swing up to 25cm. It also comes free two training ropes to train your arms and legs and the same time. In addition, the stepper has a clear display similar to the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper that shows step count, calories burned and elapsed time. Unlike other steppers, it also comes with a floor mat to ensure that the equipment doesn’t do any damage to your floor.

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Ancheer Swing Stepper

ANCHEER Swing Stepper Including Resistance...
  • [BURNING FIT RIGHT NOW]:Bring the gym to your...
  • [FITNESS IS SAFER]:Lightweight with the non-slip...
  • [ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT]: 3.5 inch and 5.5 inch,...
  • [QUALITY CONSTRUCTION]:Fitness exercise step was...

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The Ancheer Swing Stepper also adds difficulty to workout because it has two adjustable platform heights (3.5 inches and 5.5 inches). Its foot pedals are lightweight and made with a non-slip surface to keep you safe when exercising. Furthermore, this fitness equipment is made with a high-quality PVC material, which is guaranteed to be durable and recyclable. I also figured out that the Ancheer Swing Stepper holds the highest maximum user weight among all the products compared because it can support up to 200kg.

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Finally, losing weight and getting fit isn’t something to be hastened, you can always start small and work your way up as you get better with your workout. Generally, the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper is something that you might want to consider if you’re not yet ready for large types of fitness equipment. Especially those similar to treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers and exercise bikes. Most important, it’s a simple and straightforward machine that doesn’t even require electricity to work. In addition, the Ultrasport Up-Down Stepper is energy-efficient yet effective and serves its purpose of keeping you in shape.

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