What are the benefits of vibration plates?

Vibration plates come with several health benefits. They are fitness training systems which have been proved to increase weight loss potential by helping the body burn calories naturally. The systems can enable the body to burn up to 170 calories in a span of five minutes. Other areas of your body where the vibration plates stimulate include the flow of lymph fluid, increasing blood circulation, decreasing blood pressure as well as oxygen circulation.

How the Vibration Plate Works

The plates have been in use during yoga and Pilates classes. When training with a vibration plate, you start by holding a series of poses while standing on a plate. The plate then vibrates sending waves through your body which increase your muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

When you stand on an unstable surface such as the vibrating plate, the body responds naturally to the reflexes. The high frequency of contractions in your muscles leads to several health benefits. The plates can produce either vertical or oscillation vibrations which can touch on different parts of your body.

What are the benefits of vibration plates?

#1 Strengthens Bones and Muscles

During normal workouts, the body muscles contract in less than two times in a second. But, during the vibration plate exercises, the muscles are forced to vibrate more than 30 times in a second. The high vibration frequency makes your body to work out more than 90% of your muscle fibers.

The effect of the high vibrations leads to strengthening muscles and increasing your strength. If you keep on working on the vibration plates, you stand a better chance of increasing your muscle density and strength. The overall effect leads to improved coordination, balance and bone density.

#2 Stimulates Production of Helpful Hormones

The vibrations exercises will stimulate your body to produce more growth hormones. If you are trying to build more strength, it is the right workout to get involved. Repair and regeneration of damaged muscle fibers are enhanced through the use of the workouts. Bones and other tissues are improved through use of the exercises.

Specific hormones which the workout improves include serotonin which is the hormone responsible for feeling happy. It reduces production of cortisol hence making you feel less stressed and enjoy good wellbeing. Stress and anxiety can lead to several health complications, but the vibrations workouts have been proved to help you get rid of hormones leading to stress and anxiety. You enjoy better life upon commencing of the workout sessions.

#3 Improves Immune Function

High levels of muscle contractions during the process of vibration plate training stimulate lymph glands which lead to an increase in the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body. The good flow leads to the stronger immune system. The stimulation of muscles leads to increased blood circulation in your body. Improvement of blood flow will lead to more oxygen reaching different parts of your body hence making your body achieve high energy levels.

#4 Raises Metabolism

Vibration plates raise your metabolism rate. There are several health benefits associated with increased metabolism rate. For example, you will lose weight leading to the healthy lifestyle. The vibration of the muscles leads to making the muscles stay strong. Strong muscles consume more energy which leads to improvement in your metabolism rate. With an increase in metabolism rate, you will burn more calories from your body hence lose excess fats naturally from your body even if you don’t work out on a regular basis.

#5 Relieves Pain

If you suffer from spinal pain, you can rely on the vibrations exercises to get rid of the pain. The improvement of blood circulation leads to the flushing out of toxins from your body which makes you enjoy the health benefits of getting rid of the pain. There are different parts of your body where you can experience pain due to reduced movements. For example, hip flexor and core need exercises to improve mobility. You stabilize your joints and improve flexibility which can contribute towards getting rid of pain if you engage in regular plate vibration sessions.

#6 Cuts Workout Time in Half

The vibration plates available in the market can make your body experience muscle vibrations of up to 50 muscle reflexes per second. The high vibration frequency leads to burning of a lot of calories in a short span. If you have a target of burning a specific number of calories, you can achieve the goal while saving time for you to engage in other activities in your life.

#7 Allows workouts in your home

The vibration plates available in the market are compact. They save space and can be applied in any location even in your home. The ability to apply them from any location makes them very convenient for you if you are looking for systems which you can use to work out from your home.

#8 Tone your body without vigorous exercise

There are several exercises you can carry out to tone your body. But, they are rigorous to an extent where you can be discouraged in the process of trying to tone your body. It is a different case after you embark on the vibration plates. They are manufactured to allow you tone the muscles with less effort.

#9 Improves your flexibility

The vibration of muscles, joints and different bones in your body leads to high flexibility. If you have a health condition where your flexibility has been compromised, you can rely on the vibration plates to improve your posture and flexibility.

#10 Reduces cellulite

Your skin condition improves greatly upon application of the exercises. The vibration leads to the circulation of blood to different tissues as well as the skin. The circulation of necessary nutrients to your skin leads to improved skin. You can easily get rid of cellulite if you can rely on the vibration therapy.

#11 Promotes recovery following an injury

If you are injured while working out, you need to look for effective ways you can recover. The vibration therapy plays a great role in helping you recover within a short period. The system makes your body to improve its immune system, blood circulation and other healthy processes which leads to accelerating your recovery time.